Rent a restaurant 400 sq. M in the center of Independence Square

Mykhaylivs'ka st., Shevchenkivsky, Kyiv


Rent a fully finished, equipped restaurant 400 sq.m.
Center near Independence Square 500 m, 1 line. Facade building. On the facade there is a place for summer tables and the possibility of parking cars along the facade. Active traffic.
The restaurant consists of 2 interconnected rooms with two entrances, both on the façade.
1 room: S-198 sq.m, height-3.5 m. The main hall is 60 people. Banquet hall 2 guest bathrooms, kitchen, barbecue, white and black sink, 2 warehouses, staff room + bathroom, furnished and equipped, dishes, etc.
2nd room: S-200 sq. M, height = 3.5 m. Plasma, bar counter, utility rooms, all with furniture and equipment.
268 000 ₴ 10 000 $ 25 $/м2

Square: 400.00 м2

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Realtor: Dmitry Ivanenko

Telephone: (068)587-90-10 офис

Object Code: C2743-CRM