House for sale on Otradnoye

29, Novopol'ova st., Solomensky, Kyiv


Sale of home ownership of 2 houses on a plot of 20 acres on the street. Novopoleva.
The main house is 400 sq.m. on 3 levels with large rooms and an open area on the 3rd attic floor.
Guest house 200 sq.m. in 2 floors. Condition - for finishing. A closed office was placed
There is a large garage and a convenient place for parking.
A plot of 10 acres in front of the house with paving and plus 10 acres - a garden.
The second line from the road with its own stop.
Good accessibility to the center of Kiev and exit in all directions across Kiev.
15 980 000 ₴ 470 000 $ 783 $/м2

Square: 600/400/30 м2

Room's: 7


Additional information:

Square land20 сот


Contact Information:

Realtor: Rudina Olena

Telephone: (068)587-90-10 офис

Object Code: D3566