Sale 2-to-apartment near Park in RC Emerald

2, Henerala Shapovala (Mekhanizatoriv) st., Solomensky, Kyiv


Sale of a 2-room apartment in the RC Emerald in the Solomensky district.
Residential complex is located next to the Solomensky Park, has its own closed, protected territory.
Apartment with repair and furniture, repair 9 years.
Apartment is free and ready for sale!
6 290 000 ₴ 185 000 $ 1968 $/м2

Square: 94/50/14 м2

Room's: 2


Additional information:


Floor number25


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Contact Information:

Realtor: Oksana Ksysha

Telephone: (068)587-90-10 офис

Object Code: K3948