Sale of 2 hectares on the banks of the Desna River in the village of Rozhny

Rozhny, Brovarsky, Kiev Region


A picturesque area on the banks of the DESNA river. 2 hectares in the village. Rozhny under construction. Great beach, you can swim. 1 facade line along the river. Asphalt road to the site. All communications are nearby. Neighboring plot on 2 lines is being sold by the same owner. It is possible to increase the site along the river facade by 4Ga. The coast has a rise; when the Desna spills, water does not flood the coast. The beach is sandy. There is a dense planting of trees that separates the coast from the site.
No commission.
19 720 000 ₴ 580 000 $ 2000 $/сотка

Square: 290.00 соток

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Realtor: Rudina Olena

Telephone: (068)587-90-10 офис

Object Code: L242