Sale of a 2-room apartment on Otradnoye in the Solomensky district

67, Vidradnyy avenue, Solomensky, Kyiv


For sale a cozy family apartment with a good renovation in a brick house. Layout with separate rooms and a bathroom, windows to the courtyard and one to the street.
Remodeled, enlarged balcony. Nice renovation from the 2000s. Furniture is included in the price.
Among today's delights: hot water from a gas water heater, gas stove, gas meter, electricity and water.
The house is located on Otradny Avenue next to the Mamaeva Sloboda park. Quiet, green area. There is a public transport stop right under the house.
We will show and tell you everything else during the viewing.
2 947 900 ₴ 71 900 $ 1357 $/м2

Square: 53/38/9 м2

Room's: 2


Additional information:


Floor number4


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Contact Information:

Realtor: Oksana Ksysha

Telephone: (068)587-90-10 офис

Object Code: K4446

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