Sale of a plot for a gas station along the Odessa highway

Ulyanivka, Ulyanovsky, Kirovograd Region


The facade of the Odessa highway is 263 km from Kiev, 7 km from Ulyanovka, a 1.4 hectare plot of 180 meters along the facade of the highway, the TP is 10 meters from the site! There is gas! Located at the junction of the road (Danilova Balka). Owned. $ 700 / weaving. No commission!
The site is not within the boundaries of the settlement - changing the target for refueling will not cause problems!
In the case of a purchase, we can take over the change of the intended purpose.
4 080 000 ₴ 120 000 $ 857 $/сотка

Square: 140.00 соток

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Realtor: Rudina Olena

Telephone: (068)587-90-10 офис

Object Code: L117