Selling a plot of 40 acres on the banks of the Dnipro

Vyshenky, Borispolsky, Kiev Region


Sale of an exclusive plot in a cottage town on the banks of the Dnipro!
Vyshenki village, neighbors club Zoloche.
Closed cottage town for 24 houses. All the houses are status houses.
Security and maintenance of the entire territory.
The plot has the correct borders: 31 acres in ownership and 9 acres in official lease - coastal zone, coastline 25 m. Trees grow on the coastline, incl. pine trees.
Renewal of the lease to the new owner is agreed!
To a plot of 20 kW (3 phases)
Excellent entrance, the ability to conveniently plan the estate, because asphalt from 2 sides of the site.
Excellent accessibility to Kiev! From the metro station Slavutich 14 km!
7 480 000 ₴ 220 000 $ 5500 $/сотка

Square: 40.00 соток

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Realtor: Rudina Olena

Telephone: (068)587-90-10 офис

Object Code: L3347